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Discover The Unconventional Wealth-Building “Blueprint” That Allowed Me To Go From Burnt Out, A Million Dollars In The Red... To Helping Scale Hundreds of Businesses Past 7-Figures & Becoming A Deca-Millionaire In Less Than 10 Years

100’s Entrepreneurs have used this proven process, the frameworks, mindset hacks and strategies to finally get their money right, and create their dream life.


The 1,800,000,000

PLUS: Get early access to my new book, Million in the Red: Founders Edition (which includes over 10 additional hours of exclusive audio content)

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At 21 Years Old I Was Over A Million Dollars In Debt

Yet, in less than ten years I went from barely being able to pay rent... having to ask my mom to remortgage our family home and face complete public humiliation…

To having helped 200+ Entrepreneurs scale past 7+ figures and collectively generate billions of dollars in revenue with my customers, having my work seen by tens of millions of people, owning a portfolio of over 50 businesses and becoming a decamillionaire.

But it wasn’t an easy journey.

During my early years, I had a lot of success.

Even building my first 7-figure business before 18.

Then everything started going wrong when I overinvested in a business venture.

I hadn’t “lost” yet… which meant I didn’t know how to handle a failing business burning through cash.

It ultimately led me to sell everything to pay off the debt–and it still wasn’t enough.

I lost everything and it nearly broke me.  

But what I gained, are the skills and strategies to bounce back from nothing to achieving more success than most have in a lifetime.

And the reason this is important now… perhaps more than ever?

Every Single Day I Mentor, Advise And Talk To Entrepreneurs…

Some of them are drowning in debt…
Some of them have never made so much money in their life…

Some of them feel guilty that they are making so much…
Some of them don’t know what to do with all of the money…

Some of them are wondering when things will go from down to up…
Some of them have built a house of cards…

Some of them are listening to financial guru’s whose advice is terrible for Entrepreneurs…

Some of them are dealing with their wife’s or their husband's money mindset…

But in all cases. 

The mindset, the strategy, the tactics, the frameworks for being able to understand money as an Entrepreneur…

…isn’t taught in an accessible way that from what I’ve seen...

Everything I’ve Learned Has Been Passed Down By A Mentor, From First-Hand (Painful) Experiences Or From Paying A Handful Of Very High Level, Specialized Experts

These are unconventional strategies that go against everything “society” knows about money.

As an Entrepreneur, we aren’t the same as everyone else.

That’s why we can’t follow their rules.

Because when I look at everything I’ve seen from the mainstream gurus and what the vast majority of society says?


If I listened to it…

I’d still be back in Canada in a basement apartment trying to make ends meet instead of:

 Living in a $5 million dollar compound
 Travelling the way I want (first class at worst, private at best)
 Driving any supercar I like
 Taking care of my family
 Living the way I want, with who I want

All while not needing to work more than 20 hours a week…

Oh, and I love what I do… 98% of the time ;)

Yes, I'm in!

Access to the live sessions recordings
(Founder's Edition Limited to 2,000 Entrepreneurs)

That’s Why I’m Hosting This Brand New 
3-Hour Workshop – To Share The Processes, Mindset Hacks And Wealth Strategies From My Upcoming Book…

So you can learn the real stuff Entrepreneurs need to radically grow their income, get outsized results “society” will never have…

And not just KEEP it… but 
multiply it.

Once you use these strategies for yourself, it will allow you to exit the non-stop grind, live in flow and enjoy the rewards of your work.

You’re about to get a clear roadmap to achieving your dreams without having to sacrifice your personal life and your family to do it…

And feel safe & secure…

Knowing what you implement today will mean in 5 or 10 years… you won’t NEED to work again–unless you choose to.


Access to the live sessions recordings
(Founder's Edition Limited to 2,000 Entrepreneurs)

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn:

The 5-Stage Entrepreneurial Desire Model (and why you need to understand your motivations in each stage so you can create truly meaningful financial goals)

Every Entrepreneur has 4 “Roles” they have to play at any given season – pick the right one and you’ll achieve massive success, easier and in flow – get it wrong and you’ll hate every moment.

How to use the ‘Levels of Wealth Consciousness model’ to shift your emotional relationship with money – this will help you operate at a higher capacity and crush it with more ease and flow.

The 5 Currencies you need to create true wealth & freedom (Money’s just one, you need all 5 to avoid feeling trapped–once I discovered this, building a business that works for me became easy)

How to rewrite limiting money beliefs… handle anxiety and start developing self-trust with your finances

Is your business in Profit Mode or Growth Mode? I’ll show you how to know PLUS how to maximize results in each–the biggest mistake I’ve seen in failing entrepreneurs is slipping into Profit Mode too early. This can kill a business.

My “30, 3,000 and 30,000 foot view” system to reviewing your finances/projections allowing you to make better decisions and stay on track.

How to distinguish between visible ROI and invisible ROI - don't ignore emotional/lifestyle returns on investments.

How to intelligently leverage debt based on growth potential instead of interest rates.

How to properly manage profit vs revenue growth – and how to avoid scaling issues because you’re running out of cash.

My 6-account structure to organize business finances (giving you control and clarity on expenses, projections and much more).

How to FINALLY get off the hamster wheel and build consistency and predictability in your cash flow.


Access to the live sessions recordings
(Founder's Edition Limited to 2,000 Entrepreneurs)

The 1,800,000,000

This Workshop Is For
Any Entrepreneur Who…

Feels overwhelmed, overworked and like the dream of Entrepreneurship might just be a dream. That it’s more stressful than anything else and sometimes the mountain seems just too steep.

Understands that the old way and the old mindset of money won’t work for being able to go into the future.

Listens to the so called “guru’s” on money but it just doesn’t make sense to them…because it doesn’t leverage the full power of strategies & instruments available to business owners.

Believes that money isn’t just money, but it is energy. And who have seen first hand that as they better understood the flow of energy, the more abundance and opportunity came into their life.

For the Entrepreneur who wants the lessons, the strategies, the tough questions and the tactics that I learned the hard way by failing forward.

For the Entrepreneur who feels like they’re “doing well” but can’t seem to get ahead… and despite years of working their net worth isn’t growing.

Wants to take their success to the next level and go from having great months & quarters to creating exponential levels of wealth in a way I’ve never seen taught.


Access to the live sessions recordings
(Founder's Edition Limited to 2,000 Entrepreneurs)

When You Grab A Ticket, You’re Also Going To Be Among One Of The First Entrepreneurs To Get Million In The Red: Founders Edition 

All 65,000 words I crafted for an Online Entrepreneur who’s ready for a massive upgrade in their internal financial operating system.

Not through charts and savings with envelopes…
But leaning into that creative, crazy, erratic, visionary side of who you are.

And building your financial operations system.
Not from how your accountant sees it.

But how a true Entrepreneur does.


Access to the live sessions recordings
(Founder's Edition Limited to 2,000 Entrepreneurs)

You’re Going To See My Full Story–Stuff I’ve Never Shared Before…

From being an early achiever… running my family's selling business aged 8…

To building and managing a global team of contractors which led to my very first 7-figure web development business–all before I could even legally drive a car.

In short, I got everything I wanted, won awards, built a reputation for myself…

And then….

Driven By My Insecurity And Need To “Prove” Something, I Lost It All

Looking back I didn’t even know what cashflow management or money mindset was!

Which meant I didn’t know how to protect, leverage or grow my money.

That’s very risky way to run a business.

In the book, I detail my long road “coming back up”.

From being a million dollars in debt… to achieving things I never thought possible.

10 years later, I’m now a decamillionnaire (over $10 million networth), built hundreds of successful businesses–and shown others the path.

And while being a “millionaire” feels mystical if you don’t have it.

Maybe even $10 million.

I promise it’s not. In fact there’s a pattern. A structure. A method. And a mindset.

And I’m going to break it down for you.

Million In The Red Is
Divided Into 4 Main Parts:

My Full Story. The Good, The Bad And Everything In Between

Part 1: Mindset and Finding Balance

Part 2: Cultivating Focus, Trust, and Discipline While Handling Your Emotions

Part 3: 
Money and Finances


Access to the live sessions recordings
(Limited to 2,000 Entrepreneurs)

This is everything an Entrepreneur needs to figure out if you ever want to get off the hamster wheel and find true harmony and alignment.

I promise if you follow this process you’ll not only know how to make more money… but KEEP it.

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn:

Why listening to your spouse, friends, family (and even so-called “experts”) on money is one of the worst things you can do as an Entrepreneur (and what to do instead).

The single biggest mistake MOST entrepreneurs make when they start earning more (avoid doing this or it could set you back years)...

How to develop a powerful Inner Money Mindset that works FOR you… allowing you to balance your entrepreneurial self, your goals, vision and purpose–when I discovered this balance, that’s when I truly developed harmony and alignment in my journey.

How to go from scarcity-minded to abundance-minded (this will help you stop hoarding cash and begin to use it wisely while keeping the money flowing).

Taking profit from your business? Make sure to have a purpose attached–because this should be your priority before you do it.
My techniques to prepare for and handle large unexpected tax bills–how to communicate this effectively to your suppliers and anyone affected.

A simple framework to decide when you should invest back in your own business versus externally.

How inflation impacts entrepreneurs differently versus fixed income jobs. This is how you use it to your advantage to win big.

How to use the "investor personality" to balance spending vs saving. This mindset shift helps distance you from money emotions–allowing you to focus on the most optimal path forward.

The trick to balancing short-term fires with long-term vision so you don’t sacrifice future growth potential (you don’t want to divert all resources into one small thing and find out later you don’t have what you need when you need it).

How to kill common entrepreneurial addictions like chasing the next launch–so you can build sustainable positive habits that actually help you achieve your goals.


Access to the live sessions recordings
(Limited to 2,000 Entrepreneurs)

And so much more.

Here’s the thing… writing a book (kinda) sucks… and the truth is I feel like this book MUST be seen and read faster than the “process” of building the book.

While my last book has sold 75,000 copies (and counting).... 

Early Access To The Digital BETA Version Of Million In The Red Digital Book

You’ll get early-access to the manuscript right now before anyone else. (it’s a little rough around the edges, but you’ll see why that’s a good thing below).

Opportunity To Submit Feedback And Additions 

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions on making this book the best it can be.

My goal with the final published version is to ultimately help tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world who need this info made available to them in a single, accessible, and actionable resource.

This unique experience gives you a chance to be involved in the process, and see this book brought to the finish line with me as it gets launched out to the rest of the world.

(And for you & your business’ name to get included in the acknowledgments if you do take the time to share some feedback!)

Access To A Full Complement Of 60 Individual Audios To Help Maximize The Value You Gain From The Book’s Tools, Strategies, And Resources 

This includes over 10 hours of audio, ranging from strategies, tactics and mindset shifts that you can add to your phone or computer to listen on…

The business owners who I’ve shared this information with so far?
Many of them have say it’s one of the most impactful trainings & revelations of their life.

Both professionally in their business as well as personally in their lives.

You'll learn things like:

How to use the excess cash flow inside your business to the greatest advantage possible.
The most effective habits for Entrepreneurs to master so they can create true wealth.

When you should spend money, invest money or save money based on where you are in your business.

How and when you should make large purchases... such as your dream car, your house, a massive hire.

How to hedge yourself against the current, massive levels of inflation (and how to turn this into an advantage as an Entrepreneur).

How to use external investments as an Entrepreneur who has a business that has exponential potential.

A series of mindset shifts that helped me create massive progress and returns that are completely against traditional "advice".

How to manage the costs of your business, increase margins, invest in 3, 6, 12, 24 months increments.

How to plan advertising and marketing budgets (and how to pay yourself in the most effective way possible)

How to use credit, debt and savings, when you double-down and when to take it and run.

Live And Recorded Access To The Upcoming 3-Hour Million In The Red Workshop 

In this workshop, I’ll be guiding you through the processes, frameworks, mindset hacks and strategies required to get your money right as an Entrepreneur.

This will go beyond the book itself and give you a strong overview.

Access To The Exclusive Million In The Red Telegram Group 

Inside, I’ll be answering questions, connecting with you and having fun as we read the book and implement the lessons, together.

This by itself is worth the entire price of entry.

Special Access To The Million In The Red Launch Group

This is your chance to follow along, watch and even participate in how I launch Million in the Red and aim for it to be sold one million times across the world.

My previous book, The Nuclear Effect, sold over 75,000 copies.

And honestly? I believe the value and depth in this new book is 10x of the first one.

Million in the Red speaks directly to two of the “6 Pillars”

They are the two that I shared the least on in the first book.

My current goal is to surpass the 10x in value with more than 10x the reach.

Even if it takes a few years to happen (because The Nuclear Effect sells new copies every single day)....

The goal is for this book?

Get in the hands of over 1 million current and future business owners

This book shows you ways to maximize the advantages that most countries offer to business owners….

….while avoiding some of the most common and some of the most expensive mistakes business owners make.

This book will be one to watch as it evolves & gets shared with the world!

Access to The Million in the Red Audiobook When It’s Ready 

You’ll be one of the first to get this.

Once the book is complete and it can be recorded, I’ll make sure it’s sent your way.

Access to the live sessions recordings
(Limited to 2,000 Entrepreneurs)


Get Access To The 3-Hour Million in the Red Workshop, PLUS The Founder’s Edition Book + Bonuses…

For a one-time payment of:


Access to the live sessions recordings
(Limited to 2,000 Entrepreneurs)


This is what I wish I had when I was going through so much pain.

When I couldn’t see a way out of the darkness I found myself in.

Whether you’re struggling right now and don’t know what to do next to bounce back and win…

Or whether you’re doing well and want to accelerate that…

Whatever you’re looking for, my goal is to give you tools, strategies, and the mindset required to achieve everything you want – in less time than you thought possible.

And I’m certain, that for just the $47 investment…

…what you learn here will be worth many times that and more.

I’m excited for you to see what’s possible for you.

Lock in your ticket and I’ll see you there.

Scott Oldford

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I’m Scott Oldford and have helped over 200 businesses scale past 7-figures. Today I spend the majority of my time as an advisor and investor, alongside being the CEO of The Wisdom Group, a portfolio of over 40 businesses in the education, media and software industries.

I do all of this while working less than 30 hours per week (and with less than 5 hours on phone or zoom calls).

And at any moment, I can scale either number down (or up) as desired because through these principles, I have complete freedom to create my reality the way I wish.

I want to help you do the same.

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In this book I wrote the most important lessons I wish I could’ve given to a 21 year old me.


When is the workshop?
The 3-hour virtual workshop will be held on January 2nd @ 1PM Pacific. 

If you can, please log in 3-10 minutes early so you can be prepared for several hours of training and live interaction.

Where will it be held?  
This will be a live virtual workshop held over Zoom. The Zoom link will be emailed to you after you register. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access.

What’s included with my ticket?
Your ticket includes access to the live 3-hour virtual workshop with me  (Scott Oldford), early digital access to Million in the Red: Founders Edition book, over 10 hours of audio content from the book, access to an exclusive Telegram group, ability to provide feedback on the book, access to the book launch group, and much more.

Why is this important for my entrepreneurial journey?
In this workshop, I’ll share the hard-won lessons, strategies, mindsets, and frameworks I wish I had when I was struggling as a young entrepreneur. The ability to learn from my mistakes and wins can help you avoid years of struggle on your own journey. Whether you need help getting out of debt, breaking through plateaus, finding more freedom, or accelerating your success, this will help you.

Is there a money-back guarantee?  
Yes! We offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you attend the workshop and don't find the content and my teaching valuable for your entrepreneurial goals, let us know within 30 days and we will refund your purchase.

What if I can't attend live?
Not to worry! All ticket purchases come with replay access so you can watch the recording on your schedule. You can revisit any part of the workshop anytime after it airs live.

Is this workshop right for new entrepreneurs?
Absolutely! Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned entrepreneur, I’ve structured the workshop to meet you where you are and provide actionable takeaways. The concepts apply to any business at any stage. Come with an open mind!

I don't live in the US/Canada, is this still relevant?
I’ve helped over 1000s of entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe. While some examples may focus on North America, the mindsets, financial principles, and wealth creation frameworks can be applied anywhere. This is a universal training.

I decided to do something special for up to 2,000 Entrepreneurs who are committed to not just building and scaling their businesses…

But building the wealth (and the wealth mindset) to support their freedom and live your dream life.

I’m giving you early-access to the book… along with hours of additional content…

And the chance to help me refine it, and get it ready to push out into the world.

What does this mean? It means you’re going to get…